Titus swim lessons

Titus Swim Levels

Level 1


Level 1 introduces your swimmer to the water. Once acclimated to the water, instructor will work with your child on swimming breath, assisted glide, assisted back float, and standing arm practice for freestyle and elementary backstroke.

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Level 2


Level 2 swimmers will work on flutter kick, unassisted back float, and swimming with free style arms.

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Level 3


Level 3 swimmers will work on freestyle side-breathing, backstroke arms with full stroke, breaststroke kick, butterfly kick, and treading water.

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Level 4


Level 4 swimmers will work on  breaststroke arms with full stroke, butterfly arms with full stroke, flip-turns, and dives.

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Private Lessons


We offer private and semi-private lessons for all ages.  Please call the park for more information! 

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Group Lessons Cost:

$35 for Members / $45 for Non-Members

Private Cost:

$35 for Members / $45 for Non-Members

Semi-Private Cost: 

$25 for Members / $30 for Non-Members

Titus Swim Lesson Sessions

Please check back  March 2020

*All Prices are listed at a Non-Member rate, Member discount will be applied. 

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